Our supporters are all doing wonderful work regarding asylum seekers and refugees and are helping to make Nottingham a more inclusive place for those seeking sacntuary. We’d like to share the efforts being made by organisations so that organisations and individuals can learn from each other. Please contact us if your organisation would like to share with others the work they are doing to make Nottingham a more inclusive and welcoming place for those seeking sanctuary.

Forestry Commission

Forestry Commission have been working in partnership with Sheffield Black and Ethnic Minority Environmental Network (SHEBEEN) for the last two years. SHEBEEN are working to provide BME communities, refugees and asylum seekers with a positive experience of their immediate environment. Forestry Commission have worked in partnership with SHEBEEN on an assortment of projects engaging with Burmese refugees, Asian youth groups and Somalian families.

Forestry Commission have also recently won the Civil Service Diversity and Equality Award for ‘Understanding and Engaging with Communities’. Further information can be found athttp://network.civilservicelive.com/pg/pages/view/376716/.

For more information on the Forestry Commission please visit www.forestry.gov.uk/eastmidlands or email[email protected].

For more information on SHEBEEN please visit: http://s207555923.websitehome.co.uk/.

The Rainbow Project

The Nottingham Rainbow Project aims to promote racial equality and justice in Nottinghamshire. The Rainbow Project works with those seeking sanctuary and aims to provide practical and spiritual support. They provide clothes, small grants and food to those who are destitute. They can also help people fill in forms, which is often difficult for those whose first language is not English.

The Rainbow Project visits people held in immigration centres and buy credit for their phones so that they can contact loved ones. The Rainbow Project also seeks to match up asylum seekers with volunteer positions.

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