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This event is being co-hosted by the Nottingham branch of Global Justice Now (GJN) and Our Future Now, the London branch of the youth network of GJN.  It is aimed at people who are under 30 years of age.

“As climate catastrophe and political instability force people to flee their homes across the world, the wealthy countries of the Global North close their borders to the vast majority.

Populations are swayed by demagogues who tell them migrants are a threat. Backed up by new militarised border infrastructure and new walls, our borders in Europe have been responsible for over 30,000 deaths since the 1990’s.

But what if freedom of movement wasn’t just for the wealthy or the EU, but for all? What if everybody had the right to move and the right not to? What if we started the fightback for a world where we had freedom of movement for all?

Migration isn’t about less or more, it’s about everyone’s right to work, live and love wherever they want. It’s about all of us being able to claim safety abroad when we need it, and offering others the same lifeline. It’s about finding out there’s much more to be gained together, than to be fought over when apart.”

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