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Nottingham Playhouse achieves Theatre of Sanctuary award

Nottingham City of Sanctuary is delighted that Nottingham Playhouse has been given their Theatre of Sanctuary award and would like to congratulate the team at the Playhouse for the work they have put into this award.  It reflects the tremendous work the Theatre has done over many years to encourage participation and accessibility to people seeking sanctuary in Nottingham.  Their programmes consistently encourage a welcoming environment for everyone, especially refugee and asylum seeker communities.  We particularly look forward to their ongoing work to share stories and culture from people with lived experience and to cultivate a wider engagement in the arts in Nottingham.

Highlights have included productions that reflect the experience of asylum seekers and refugees such as “The Kite Runner” and “Kindertransport”, plays written or performed by refugees such as “Pizza Shop Heroes”, and a refugee being taken on to do work experience.

Martin Berry, Head of Participation, Nottingham Playhouse, said “I am thrilled that Nottingham Playhouse has been awarded Theatre of Sanctuary status. We work hard to be a safe, welcoming and exciting space for everyone, and this is especially true for those coming to this country in search of support and refuge. This is just the beginning of a journey towards the greatest possible openness and diversity for the Playhouse and our partners.”

Lubna, a Syrian refugee and an actor, said “Hundreds of congratulations to the wonderful Playhouse on their award and to every person who worked and tried hard to do their best as pieces of the puzzle to complete an amazing picture. Well done, great team.”