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Sheriff of Nottingham opens Red Cross Reading Group

The Red Cross in Nottingham has instigated a weekly reading club for local refugees and asylum seekers.  The club members will be reading These Seven, an anthology of short stories and works from local Nottingham writers, and it was launched by some of the writers coming along to read passages from their work.  This promoted a short group discussion on youth culture and changing times.  Many of our readers had not come across punks, goths and emos before!  We were then honoured with a visit from the Sheriff of Nottingham, Councillor Patience Uloma Ifediora, wearing her ceremonial gold chain.  There was general disappointment that the Sheriff no longer has a sword and Councillor Ifediora explained that the role was largely ceremonial and she was mainly an ambassador for the city.  This led to a number of questions and a discussion on how the Sheriff was chosen and how Councillors are elected and what requirements are needed to become a Councillor.  There was definitely an interest in local politics which we hope to follow up on.