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Nottingham sanctuary seekers enjoy a taste of university life

Learning the language of the host nation is essential for sanctuary seekers to gain self confidence and move on with their lives.  Over the last week and the following couple of weeks, 28 sanctuary seekers from Nottingham are enjoying a taste of university life at Nottingham University courtesy of the Bayswater College.  The courses last for 2 weeks and include mornings of study and English lessons which are tailored to their level of expertise and need, ranging from beginners to more experienced.  The courses also lead the sanctuary seekers through the UK education system and how to apply for jobs.  Afternoons are dedicated to outings and activities including a trip to the home of Robin Hood – Sherwood Forest!  And the evenings are set aside for fun – games nights and a disco being the order of the day.  At the end of the course students will receive a certificate, new skills and new friends.